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Aussie vs PNG Chondros

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Or... they could just legalise wild collection. That has been, and probably always will be, the best solution.

"World leading", "conservation expert" is a major stretch.... I agree though, frustrating nonetheless.

Dan its bad enough now
Dwarf retics are getting smashed really badly on Kalatoa etc
About 3 different scrubbies are being targeted now pretty hard too
Legal collection simply gives more cover to the farms
Can we legalise wild ivory, rhino horn and tiger skin too??
Too many people and not enough wildlife left

You know exactly who I mean Dan and probably his friend too
Maybe I should have used self proclaimed??
But I am first to admit that he is excellent with boelins and is possibly the leading expert on them

Its a shame they dont allow fb links here
I had copy pasted their pages to various sites
Got smashed on every reptile site for doing that by collectors demanding their 'right' to support wildlife smuggling of reptiles
Got total support from every other site

Quote" On a good note, I'll be heading back to Indonesia VERY soon..I'll be exporting some high quality amethystine/scrubs which xxxxxxx will then post for sale. Any requests for locality specimens will be entertained. But not guaranteed..I'll try my best. I'll be travelling to Halmahera soon after arrival, to collect specimens/breeding stock. Also to document and collect specimens from all over West Papua.[unquote]
43 replies with orders for 100% protected species

He caught nothing himself
Just asked hunters to get him stuff prior to his arrival
Over 1000 animals were collected to be sold to this guy
He only bought the 120 best as far as we know
Do anybody even dream that the 890 others were released??
Those animals would still be alive and living free if he hadnt placed that order

Another aside
Boelins temperatures are similar to oenpellis
Especially back in the deep cavities
Maybe similar breeding techniques are needed??
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