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australian coral snake

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I'd never heard of the Australian Coral snake ; I just googled it , nice little snakes.
Sorry i'm no help in where to get one.


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I think URS (i think) had one a few years back. Not sure how much it was though. That was the only time i have seen them for sale. Im sure if you look hard enough you will find some though.
You should check the NSW repitle holdings and see how many are in NSW keepers hands


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Simoselaps australis.

I dont imagine that they would be kept too comonly due to there eating habits.


Give URS a shot, they had a few for sale a few years back as stated. I think they were going for around $500ea, but were fussy eaters (as they would be) and i believe they were being assist fed rodent tails. Too much hassle for a snake that you'll hardly ever see due to it's secretive nature. Although spectacular in appearance i wouldn't bother with them.
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