Bearded dragon set up?

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    Oct 21, 2017
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    Thanks to an awesome mate, my 3 legged bearded dragon Mystery/Little miss will be getting her new enclosure tomorrow!
    Now, after everything was damaged in the fire, she hasnt got a lot of stuff anymore so i need to work on getting her set up sorted again.
    Can you guys give any suggestions/ideas/pictures on what i can do with this enclosure to work best for her?
    With the fact that she has got one missing leg and will likely be having her back one on the same side amputated, i want to make it so that she can get around well enough without making the enclosure boring.
    I was thinking a ramp leading up to a platform so she can get closure to the heat but kinda lost on what else to add.
    As for the substrate, im thinking i might try fake grass so that she can grip it to help her move around.
    All ideas appreciated!
    P.s The enclosure is 4f × 2f x 2.5f. Resized_20180227_190233_9236.jpeg
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