Bearded dragon vigorous head shaking.

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    Feb 4, 2018
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    We have witnessed our three month old beardie shake its head violently (like a dog with a toy) in an attempt to vomit, so it seems. This has happened for the last few mornings, resulting in her bringing up clear mucus. She has reduced her food intake, just one cricket yesterday. However she is alert and standing proud in her basking spot, and doesn’t seem sick. This morning we witnessed her eat some shed before doing the shaking thing. We have only seen her shake her head soon after her lights coming on in the morning, no other time throughout the day. She is shedding at the moment too.

    Has anyone seen a beardie shake this way?
    We missed getting a clip, but the shaking is not like a tremor it’s fast.

    Regards Phill.

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