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No photo, but my most unpleasant experience was a strike to the face from a 6ft Jungle. Didn't cause any damage really, just a little blood. But scared the crap out of me.


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The one and only bite from my woma. I was just laughing the whole time while she was hanging on, coiled herself around my hand, until she half swallowed my finger and my hand started to go purple and I couldn't feel it, then I started to uncoil her. I really don't blame her though since I was trying to get the rat back off her as she had grabbed it while it was still in the bag and I'm not sure that would have ended to well if she had swallowed that as well...


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Here's a cracker! Big female bredli had never bitten before, then one day I opened her enclosure, picked her up and whack!!!!!!! Latched on for 5 minutes till a cold shower made her let go. Yep it hurt and did a bit of damage! That'll teach me for taking her eggs away and incubating them :) She just thought it was feeding time!


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My stimmy thought my dad tasted pretty good and tried to make a meal out of his hand.

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we still seem to be having trouble with pic's i could only see 1 of those published. :( ........................Ron


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monitor bites

Here's a couple of bites from my rosenburg monitors. The one with out the glove was when i was trying to put them together for the first time last year. The gloved one was from my male in food mode.


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lots of bites over the years :)



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I Havent been bitten in a while.. the last good one was from my 1.6m bredli.. grabbed my pinky and not the rat.. that was the one time i didnt use the tongs haha


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#1 .Scrubby to the forehead..#2 Scrubby didn't want to go back to her enclosure .#3 Not paying attention when feeding the Olive .


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My little devil gave me this good one last night. no idea how many times she's bitten me but its a lot! Hung on for a good five minutes...

my womas only bite
she's such a sweet heart


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I love seeing the bites where the little ones are trying to take off WAY more than they can chew. There's something hilarious about tiny little snakes trying to eat a human forearm or such.


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I have been bitten by way too many things to even think about lol seriously. Even been bitten by a tiger lol (as in the large cat not the snake).


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I don't have any photos, but have had quite a few "nudge" bites from our juvies, especially the Darwins. Had a couple of wrap around bites from one of our Gammon Ranges pythons; needed help to get her off.
And yes, one of our ackies seems to like biting me!
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