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NSW Big Downsizing Sale! RP Blondes, Albino Darwins, Womas, Jungles, Native Greens

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General Description

We have decided to downsize and therefore have a good selection of holdbacks and Breeders available.

Reduced Pattern, Lined Blonde Spotteds
Juvis – from $200, Holdback 18month olds – $450 & Breeding Trio available $500ea or $1300 Trio

Tanami Female 18 month old – $200

Boodaries – 18 months old – now – $250ea

Albino Darwin Juvis $500ea, 18 months old $600

Palmerston Jungle Adult Male – $350

Native Green Tree Male – proven breeder – $1500

See Currently available section for more pics:

Supplies also available

TJ.jpgS5.jpgp3.jpgfemale thick.jpgFemale.jpgMale.jpgT6.jpgR1.jpg1.jpgPalmerston Male.jpgMALE GREENTREE.jpg

Location North Richmond NSW

Willing to Freight? Happy to freight at buyers expense

Contact Details 0433 530 386 or enquiries@ausreptiles.com.au

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) AKL57361
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