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QLD Black-headed pythons and olive python

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Species Common Name
Black-headed python QLD locale female
Black-headed python QLD locale male - proven breeding pair
Olive python - female
BHP's are 7 - 8 years
Olive is 10 - 11 years

2 metres to 3.5 metres

Quantity Available
One of each as above

Bred By
Female BHP by Neil Sonnemann
Male BHP by Rob Mcleod

General Description
Quality, healthy snakes from an extremely clean collection.
Female Olive is a real sweetheart, a gentle giant. Priced at $480
Male BHP is great just make sure your hand is out of the way at meal times. Priced at $450
Female BHP is a bit of a nutter - don't buy her if want a snake to cuddle. Priced at $500 or $900 for the pair if you buy both.

Sunshine Coast

Willing to Freight?
Freight would be too expensive - pick up only at this stage.

Contact Details
Via email mikesreptiles@westnet.com.au
or PM.

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)

Other Details

- - - Updated - - -

Female BHP and female Olive SOLD.


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The female BHP and Olive have found a great new home.
Still chasing new digs for the male BHP.
This fellas not huge so freight should be ok at buyers expense if required.


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