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Black Rock Scorpion Gave Birth & Have No Idea How To Raise Them


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Hey guys I’m new here, I recently purchased a single black rock scorpion unknown of the gender and she’s recently popped out 11 babies and I really wanna care for them the best I can and give them the best chance at surviving any info or help would be great as I know virtually nothing on raising their young. Tia :)


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They're not the easiest things to raise but it's certainly possible. Hopefully mum is doing a good job and has them riding on her back. Once they moult and wander off on their own, keep them separately. Small plastic tubs will be sufficient, make sure they don't dry out (minimal ventilation may be best), coco peat will be your best bet for substrate and use enough to maintain moderate humidity, and give them appropriate-sized insects. I've raised them on woodies or woodies and mealworms, crickets are better. The trickiest thing is to get the humidity right, if you do that and keep the temperature right you'll probably get most of them through.


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Thanks heaps, she’s got them on her back currently, I do happen to have coco peat as that is the current substrate being used for big mumma, I’ve got plenty of crickets to feed and have brought some plastic containers, any idea how long until they’ll be off her back?

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Once the young leave the mums back, separation is best, unless you can find micro size live crickets pulling apart small crickets and feeding the parts to the young has worked for me and be sure to take out any old dry legs etc. Good luck 30% is my best to get to second or third instar.