bluetongues - stoner lizards?


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After my house-visiting bluetongue captured my heart during the drought. since learning alot about the wonderful attributes of lizards.. I had my sights set on buying my own bluetongue.

a few enquiries shot up prices around 300, seems no one has a boring eastern for sale yet everyone has an expensive novel coloured
eastern and prices to match

im questioning my choice of prospective lizard on more than one front

I visited a local pet store that took great pride in selling reptiles, no bluetongues to be seen but they did have a few bearded dragons around 1 year old priced at the low end of 100s

the bearded dragon in comparison was lively, fast, keen to hunt down food and seemed like the perfect pet for someone looking for an active personality filled scale covered friend

it was then I realised that my experiences with my house visiting bluetongue mirror that of every bluetongue on youtube

theyre the stoners of the lizard world, quite happy to watch the world go by. sleep in warmth offered by thier human. inappropriately and unthankfully hiss when disturbed..generally having a rather layed back attitude of take and no give (other than a snuggle)

my worries cemented when on a whim I brought some mealworms at the same petstore to feed my house visitor, magpies or generally just to learn about..

naga my wondering green friend doesnt seem to care for mealworms, actively ignoring anything she needs to hunt down, instead settling for a grape or dogfood

she can move at lightning speed when she wants too, climb impressively contorted places..all of which would be useful in chomping on a mealworm..she just..doesnt care

with all this in mind, im leaning towards a more active OMGFOOD!! bearded dragon for thier antics, personality, actual legs that arnt an afterthought and lack of a stoner mind, not to mention cheaper price

someone tell me im wrong? im basing this on a freeloading wild lizard, youtube videos and sale prices

bluetongues be all..look at the pretty colours man......

dragons be all..rarrr im a dragon..