NSW Bredli Python for Sale, 3 year old male $300

Discussion in 'For Sale (Snakes)' started by Redjowen, Nov 25, 2019.

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    Nov 25, 2019
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    6D2AC9D4-81E8-45BF-B170-B4D258D0B5A8.jpeg This is Kevin. Kevin is a 3 year old bredli python who is looking for a loving home where he can lounge, explore his tank and eat rats in comfort.

    Kevin is a lord of good vibes, and was our first snake. Due to our inexperience and his size he isn’t handled as regularly as he should be. Despite this he is still very chilled out when handled, although can become a little nippy when startled.

    Eats large rats and poos consistently.

    Would be perfect with a more experienced owner.
    Pickup in Malabar, Sydney

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