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    hello it’s me again!

    I’m second guessing myself with these bredli every day :(

    Currently their hotspot is a 33° “room” that’s sectioned off from the cool end which is at room temp (hot side doesn’t affect it) from 6am-6pm

    And my bredli don’t really use it during the day, as they come out later at night around 8-9, and the heating is off for a few hours and has dropped to around 27-28 (and continues to drop overnight)

    The room they’re in is extremely low traffic, I go in once or twice a day to check if they are using the hot spot.

    My plans are to breed them this year, however I can’t find good “breeding info” such as temps through out the year, when to stop feeding,
    Day/night temps.

    The books I own are SR vol1 and keeping breeding aus pythons by Mike swan. I have also checked the forums around the 2011 era seemed to be the most “busy” however all the info I gather is contradictory, and I don’t know who’s word to take over the other

    Any help where to lookor experienced info would be lovely :)

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    Here you can see the male in hide on cool end


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