Breeding / Baby Numbering System

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How does everyone else do it?

I have seen a few people post pictures with a numbering system showing a sequence of numbers and i was interested what the numbers mean? Is it a random number with +1 for each baby or does the third number in mean its a boy or a girl? etc.

Just getting ready for the season and want to try something new.


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Generally F for female , M for male and whatever the heck you want as a number really.
It's just so they can be separately identified, no meaning to them...


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Some add year also, like 1401F, for year/number from clutch/sex. Since I don't breed many, I use a simple, A1, A2, B1, etc. I'll be moving to year also when I have more clutches per year.


For locality pure clutches I do the first letter followed by a number. So Greenough locale would be G01, G02 etc.
Mixed locality such as Greenough x Wanneroo locale would be GW01, GW02, Gw03 etc..
I only number hatchlings for the purpose of records and feeding charts etc.


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The system I use is a species abbreviation, then sires initial, dams initial, season/year, number and sex (once known) ie JCMY13-6F was one of the code from a jungle carpet clutch last season
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