Cafe owners shocked after discovering 'pipe' was a snake in their coffee machine

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    ABC Coffs Coast
    By Fiona Poole and Melissa Martin
    Cafe owner Kim Fayfie removing the snake from the coffee machine.
    Supplied: Facebook

    In a case suitable for the 'only in Australia' file, a snake has been found making its home inside a coffee machine.

    Kim Fayfie is the owner of the Bush Kitchen at Crescent Head on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

    "One hundred per cent we've been making coffee with a python in the machine," Mr Fayfie said.

    "He didn't want to leave it.

    "The wife went down there to clean out the machine, and then she's looked and thought, 'What's that pipe, is that the pipe?'

    "She thought it might have been blocked or something, and she's looked again and thought, 'Hang on, we've got a bit of an issue here'.

    "We haven't got a mice problem at the moment, so he could have been there for a while."

    The snake was a non-venomous diamond python, also known as a carpet python, just over two metres long.

    Mr Fayfie was able to get the snake out of the coffee machine earlier this week, and it slithered off into nearby bushland.

    "We've actually had a couple of brown snakes sneaking into the toilet — we are in the middle of it all here — that's why it's so unique and beautiful," Mr Fayfie said.
    That's not a pipe: this Diamond Head Python had made its home inside a coffee machine.
    Facebook: The Bush Kitchen

    Snake behaviour
    Reptile handler Steve McEwan said wild snakes were actually very clean.

    "I would say they're cleaner than humans," he said.

    "They don't get viruses like humans do. Their skin is made of keratin, it's not porous, so really there's no disease or bug that a wild snake has."

    Mr McEwan said he was not surprised that a snake had found its way into a coffee machine.

    "I've actually got them in computers, in the back of TVs, in toilets, in cars, virtually anywhere a snake can squeeze into."
    Reptile handler Steve McEwan says there shouldn't be any health concerns about the snake in the coffee machine.
    Supplied: Steve McEwan
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