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Canine Photo Thread

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I know there are other threads of peoples Dogs, but I wanted everyone to find 1 (one) Great photo that summs up their Dogs personality all in one go...
Of course if you have multiple dogs, your allowed to post 1 of each, but keep it to a limit.

If you dont have a dog, feel free to post one of the cat or other pet, anything other than the reptiles.

Thanks - Will put my pik up as soon as i find the right one.... :D


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My Lab,

Photo was taken on my phone.


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this is my almost 8 year old Boxer/Labrador cross, Bo.

I only have one word for him, and reckon this is the best picture to go with that word.


Being a boxer cross he can be soooooo stupid at times.. :)



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was just so hard to find just one of each, how very cruel of you

first is of Nugget, looking for all the world like he honestly believes the bed is his. His facial expression says "who me? Jump up when you weren't looking? And mess up your lovely straight sheets? Never! It was like this when i got here, honest!" little brat but he's the sweetest little thing. Loves being picked up for a cuddle and will tuck his little head right in under your chin. >-<

second is of Star, who by my standards is so spoilt it's borderline rediculous. She can sleep anywhere she likes, beds, couches, rugs you name it. But i still insisted on getting her this rediculous bed (but it IS warm and fluffy) so she can sleep a little bit closer to me while i'm at my computer studying and yup, low and behold, she graces me with her presence. And if you're still wondering how this encapsulated her personality... she's a creature of comfort through and through, you know shes settled somewhere comfy when you hear this great sigh of satisfaction. Anthropomorphism anyone?


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well aparently, dogs with longer noses can watch telly a bit better then dogs with shorter noses. saw a show on tv last year or so, where they explained why. the eyes of a short nosed dog are too close together to be able to see what is on telly... :)


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Our mutt "Buster" he was supposed to be a border collie x heeler (looked like one when he was tiny, then his body grew faster than his legs, and the legs are so VERY short) the son calls him a Roswell Reject!!!!!!

Will Post pics of Arthur when I've linked up with the external hard drive again.

Sorry for blurred pic, was taken on phone, but you get the idea!!!!!!


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heres dougie


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This is Annie, mums dog to descibe her in one word: Annoying (most of the time)

And on a technicallity i included a pic of my birds Gil & Bug (because personally i dont have a dog)
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This is Bundy, expecting to play as soon as the front door opens as usual. The security shirt is a bit of a joke around here for two reasons, one because I work in the security industry and, two because Bundy loves attention so much that if an intruder came in he would role out the red carpet for them so long as they gave him a little scratch. We love him to death and wouldn't want him any other way.


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The large black one is the Doberman(named Dobi).And the smaller scruffy one (called Elmo)- we bought him as a jack russel but he turned out to not look like one :shock: Any ideas ?
- His name is elmo and when i joined aps (i was 10) i was so fond of him hence the name Nikki_Elmo :D

We had 3 dachshunds when i was little but our last one had his disk in his back pop out so we had to put him down :cry:

And he was best mates with our rotwieler who was verrrry big , we have some vids with me riding on him.We had to put him down due to arthritis.Dad was devastated as he had him since he was a tiny puppy.:cry:


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This is my English Mastiff x Lab, Jetz
1 word to sum him up is: Scooby!
He acts like Scooby and, funny enough, when he whines, he sounds like Scooby :lol:

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