Central netted dragon - after some info please

Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by Bellious, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Hi I'm interested to find out about care for these dragons?
    Basics like enclosure set up, feeding, solitary or cohab etc. I've done a bit of googling but can't find a lot! Also interested if anyone knows any breeders? I'm considering one as my next dragon sometime in the future.
    Thank you!
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    There are a couple of members that keep them, and will be able to answer all your questions (Oshkii, Dragonlover1). As a general rule, their care is very similar to Bearded dragons.
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    This is a care sheet produced by a forum member who had young he had bred for sale.… https://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/attachments/the-central-netted-dragon-docx.144429/

    In the wild these dragons use low perches, either rocks or dead timber (including wooden fence posts), to bask on and keep an eye out for food and potential predators. Where rock or timber is unavailable they use an elevated ridge of sand. They construct a burrow on sloping ground at the base of shrub or hummock grass, stump or sometimes rocks, usually close to their favourite perching spot. They will also bask on the sand in front of the opening to their burrow – from memory, usually mid-morning and late afternoon.

    If you want them to construct their own burrows, then you’d need at least 20cm depth of loamy sand that is slightly moistened to begin with, to allow burrowing, and dries quite hard such as desert sand. Alternatively you can use a commercial fake rock hide on its own or in conjunction with a length of plastic pipe or cardboard roll of suitable diameter. You slope the pipe downwards slightly and bury it just deep enough so that won’t be exposed.
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