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Ceramic heat fitting install


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I’m after someone’s knowledge or help!

Im halfway done with a tank for my coastal carpet python and am going to put the lights in soon.

Does anyone know if a ceramic Edison ES Screw Fitting is only a free hanging fitting?
I feel like I’ve scoured heaps of sites (including this one) with little or not much info

I have one that I was going to install by poking it into a hole I’ve made in the wood. It fits perfectly, just sitting through the hole. However, my partner pointed out that well, should it be mounted into something? Will this heat the wood? I didn’t think about it, only thought was that it’s pre wired and I could just pop it in, attach a cage and off I go.

Now I’m worried I’ll be burning everything down. That it’ll be too hot in the wood. I’m planning on putting a 150 in it.
I know the go to answer will probs be, get a sparky to check it out, but I thought there might be a way, if someone could share some info, to know if this would be safe or not.



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Yeah, installing a heat fitting directly into the wood... what could go wrong? 😅

I wouldn't be using that type of heat for Carpet Pythons anyway, but if I was going to use a spotlight (which I would for Diamonds and Bredli if I was being extra nice) I'd use a proper ceramic fitting. When I've installed ceramic fittings I've put a layer on fire retardant board in between it and the wood, it's slightly more work but I prefer campfires to house fires, and I've known a few people who have started house fires with reptile enclosures.

If you're thinking about using a ceramic heat emitter, do yourself a favour and just don't install it.


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Sdaji is bang-on. Those particular fittings are designed to be installed in a metal dome/cage, not wood.