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Cheap and insulating backgrounds

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Hello peeps, just seeking ideas for a super cheap background option. I have an enclosure around 1430x770x390mm and all sides are glass. I’m struggling to keep the heat stable and also want it to look a bit nicer and offer some privacy for my very shy Bredli who will be moving in. I don’t have the time to make a 3D one from foam right now and printed ones don’t seem to come big enough. So my options so far have been:
coloured or black cardboard (taped on the outside)
Foam board
Core flute

I figured core flute could go inside and would insulate a little and if I get it black it’ll provide privacy and look better. Anyone else done this or have other super cheap and easy backgrounds.

I have made 3D ones before for my frogs but it’s time consuming and ends up being costly especially for a tank this size.

Here is the tank, it’s still a work in progress and does not have substrate, hides, heat cable or the rest of the decor.

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