NSW CHEAP Reptile Accessories for sale (bulk)

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Selling several used reptile accessories. All are used, working and decent/good condition. Products below:

4 x thermostats
3 x light/lamp clip holder
1 x horizontal light holder
2 x UVB lights (5.0 and 10.0 brand new)
2 x light holders
1 x Lamp shade holder
2 x Large mounds/rocks
1 x large water bowl (small hole but doesnt leak- easily sealed)
3 x small water bowls
1 x heat mat
1 x large cave
2 x small caves
1 x small tree trunk
1 x small branch
1 x Hatchling snake enclosure
Lots of small plants, vines and leaves to decorate an enclosure

Priced at $300 for the lot. Negotiable. Make an offer.

Located in Sydney

Prefer to sell in bulk.

Contact me on 0413 296 384. call or text is fine
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