Childrens python hatchling not eating

Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by Khronoz, Mar 1, 2018.

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    My 2 - 3 month old childrens hasnt eaten since ive gotten him 5 weeks ago. I suspected he just needed time to settle in which is fair enough but now with probable shed coming up he might not going to eat for another week. Im not sure how long to wait exactly before i should start worrying. Ive tried numerous methods such as braining and leaving it overnight. Tips?
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    Wait for the cues that your snake is hungry and looking for a feed. After dusk each night, I check on my pythons... if they're perched up high on a branch in a poised position in their enclosure or actively roaming around and get interested in my presence when they notice me watching them, it's a good sign they want a feed and I'll offer them food. If I check on them after dark and they're coiled up tucked away and inactive I don't bother. They're either still good from their last meal, coming up to shed or having a quiet night in. Snakes are easy to read when you let them do the talking.

    Don't come knocking on their door at midday with a feed and open their enclosure up and disturb them by shoving a feed in their face... if you came and ripped my blanket off me at 1am when I was asleep and jammed a feed in my face, you'd be unsuccessful too. Lol

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