Croc egg havesting in Qld, the Irwins are having a whinge

Discussion in 'Reptile News' started by RoryBreaker, Feb 17, 2019.

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    She doesn't even live in Australia anymore, so IMO she should worry about wildlife in her own country (USA) and look into dealing with the lawless pet trade over there where pet shops openly sell internationally trafficked reptiles from anywhere they can get them and where anyone who has the cash or a credit card can walk into a pet shop or go to a reptile show and walk away a few minutes later with as many reptiles as they like on an impulse with no need to even have a keepers' permit or to even have the vaguest idea how to care for them.

    Saltwater crocs are not endangered anymore (in QLD, NT and WA or NG) and if his means the number of crocs in the wild can be controlled and if it provides a sustainable industry - croc skins (leather), croc meat, and tourism) it's much less harmful than many other industries "up north".

    As to Facebook and having a balanced discussion on anything there, it's a pointless exercise even trying all opinions counter to that of the OP will simply be deleted and the person posting the counter arguments "unfriended" and made unable to contribute to the "discussion" which makes it all very one-sided and skewed . One of the reasons why I stopped using FB many years ago.

    I'll add , she is not anything more than just another know nothing celeb , having famous parents who owned a croc farm at one time , doesn't make her an expert or anyone who should be listened to. Facebook popularity is not a valid way to force implement policy.

    As far as I've been able to gleen, she has no scientific or ecological credentials to speak off, she is just a TV actress.
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    While I agree with ya on there is certainly enough crocs around these days I think you write off Terri Irwin abit to readily a lot of people here did the same to Steve before he died it wasn’t till his death that was when people understood what he was really about and what the Irwin’s in general are all about despite family rifts in recent years one word CONSERVATION. I always believed Terri come from pretty much nowhere and was an avid big cat carer and conservation lover in America before she met Steve I have never heard of her having parents that owned an alligator farm correct me if I am wrong but I think your overall statement about her is false. As far as scientific credentials you don’t need a degree to be a specialist if you love what you specialise in.

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