Crowdy Bay National Park's warning on feeding animals

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    Crowdy Bay National Park has been forced to relocate some goannas due to their behaviour. Photo: Crowdy Bay National Park.

    A NSW National Parks and Wildlife spokesperson is calling on the public to be responsible in relation to food and animals at Crowdy Bay National Park.

    The park has issued a warning via its Facebook Page and outlines there are consequences when wildlife get used to people, are actively fed and can access food waste or rubbish.

    “Each summer for the past few years, our local goannas have taken a very short time to learn that campsites can be a ticket to an easy meal,” a spokesperson from the park said.

    “Before long, they become assertive, aggressive and dangerous.”

    The behaviour is not only isolated to goannas, as the spokesperson said kangaroos and some bird species can also learn the bad habits.

    The park has been forced to relocate some goannas due to their behaviour.

    “We move them a reasonable distance and release them unharmed,” the spokesperson said.

    “It would be so much better if they didn't learn bad behaviours.”

    The park’s spokesperson is urging people not to feed any wildlife. People should also not throw scraps into the bush and ensure all food is appropriately secured.

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