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Diamond Python Heat & Handling HELP

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Hey guys!
New to the forum.
Used to be big into my snakes and had a few but after a break I've decided to stick to just one this time and have gotten myself a 6 month old female diamond.
I've set up the tank and she moved in today.
So heres my scenario: (check photos to understand)
in a 1.5ft x 1.5ft x 2ft eco terra tank. just for about a year before she gets an adult cage.
75w heat light in the top right side. on thermostat but gets up to about 35c-40c directly under the light (measured with a thermometer directly under the light)
The metal rod just under the light is the temp controller and I have it set to 26c so the temp around the light is about that.
At the bottom left corner next to the hide I have a digital thermometer reading about 22-23c.
I am aware of DPS and know she will need a cool spot to retreat to.
Another thing is that since I got her home and placed her in the cage she has just sat directly under the heat light in the 35c-40c temp and appears to love it!

Can people tell me if this setup is adequate for my snake?
Also i gave her a quick 2 minute handle after she was in the cage.
Reading I should wait a week then feed her then wait two days then start handling her. Opinions please?

Thanks guys :)



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I personally gave my pet python 5 days before I feed her and then I fed her 7 days later, handling her 3 days after that. It really just depends how long you want to wait I guess.


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Beautiful setup! Temps sound all good, if possible, another hide closer to the heat would be good. As for handling, it depends on the python, with my diamond I could start handling a couple of days after I got him, and he remained completely relaxed and ate the next day. As for my jungle, who was abit more skittish, handling used to mess up his schedule, therefore he wouldn't eat for weeks, so I stopped until he ate. How skittish is she? Does she tolerate handling well? Either way, just to be safe, make sure she is feeding nicely before handling, and a couple days after eating is best for handling, but if it's a small meal and calm snake, 24hrs is alright.


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Thanks guys.
ill try and make a hide closer to the heat light.
Since I have put her in the tank she hasn't even touched the ground yet.. Really enjoying being up high on the log and in the branches. She's not hiding at all and just happy to be out on view!
She didn't want to be taken out of the tank but was not bitey when I got her out earlier. I really want a good handling snake so will put a lot of effort into holding her after letting her have her first feed in a couple of days.
on a side note when I was about to put her back in after having her out for a couple of minutes she wrapped herself around my 3 middle fingers and squeezed as if it was prey. No biting or anything but it was definitely holding on like it was food. Had to uncoil her from around my hand. Does this mean anything or just a random act because she felt my heat and heartbeat?
cheers ??????


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Your temps provided seem pretty much ok. How long ago did she eat? Could be why she is staying under the warmth of the lamp and not being active like you anticipated. Also, coming into winter and being only 6 months, I wouldn't worry about cooling cycles etc. Just keep things as they are until at least this time next year. The thermostats will keep the temps under control. As for handling, I believe its more to do with your confidence rather than what time of day or mood she's in. Having said that, Id always allow about 3 to 4 days after feeding before handling because no one likes to be handled after a meal. One more piece of advice... do not over feed her. Diamonds have different metabolic rates than a Carpet or Woma does, as per their natural climate is somewhat cooler than warmer tropical or arid species. Congrats on the enclosure too. Looks boss!


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Don't know exactly her last feed as that was really the only one thing I forgot to ask haha but she has been really active moving from branch to branch and coming back to the heat when it turns back on!
ivw got the heat light turned off from 10pm until 6am. Is this ok?
yeh I will be careful feeding her.. Thanks for the advice mate! :)
im happy with how the tank turned out... Love a well set out tank!


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One more piece of advice... do not over feed her. Diamonds have different metabolic rates than a Carpet or Woma does, as per their natural climate is somewhat cooler than warmer tropical or arid species.
Could you link any evidence of that or are you just repeating anecdotal comments?


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Like the whole Diamond Python Syndrome debate, no ones knows for absolute certain (in my belief) whether any snake would benefit from a meal every Friday or every Monday fortnight. But I do know that a fat snake isn't exactly ideal (especially when still developing), and documented research opens the debate on fatty liver disease which I believe is a side effect of metabolism v growth v age ratio in morelia (including diamond pythons).
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