NSW Diamond python juveniles, $220 each

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    Diamond Pythons (Morelia spilota spilota) juveniles from black/gold/white parents (see photo). These three were held back from last year’s clutch because they were slow to start feeding. They are all feeding well now on hopper mice and are ready to go. They will make great pets as the have a lovely temperament. They were sexed by a vet last year, but the sex is not guaranteed. Each python comes with its own small enclosure including a perch, hide, water dish, feeding and shedding records. Care sheet and support provided. Contact me at jdgavin@gmail.com or 0415506644.
    Jewel mother.jpg Jet father.jpg F No 2  8G5A0015 labelled.jpg F No1  8G5A0011 labelled.jpg F No4  8G5A0007 labelled.jpg

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