Diamond Python Owners: What do you feed and how much does it cost?

Discussion in 'Australian Snakes' started by Nicholas Faulks, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Apr 15, 2019
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    Looking into getting a diamond python, with them liking cooler temperatures and requiring feeding less, although they need a lot of more careful care than other snakes to stay healthy, they seem like the perfect snake for me (plus I'm a massive fan of how they look). However, the place near me that I know sold mice and such closed so I have no idea where to buy rats/mice, and I have no idea what specifically to feed them from hatching to adult, or how much to expect to pay (looking into it it looks like under $200 for a year of bulk order is well within reach though).

    So, any recommendations in Sydney would be great, and just what people feed their diamond pythons and where they get it and how much I can expect to pay.

    Any random unsolicited advice however is also welcome, likely not getting the snake for at least a year, but I'd like to know everything I can before even beginning to get close to the day I'd have the snake anyway.

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    Dismonds eat exactly the same as any other snake does, less in cooler months. Will depend on the size of Diamond you get as to the cost of the rodents. Best to revisit this question once you're closer to purchasing and have narrowed it down. Things change frequently in this business, so who knows.

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