DIY enclosure, just making sure I've got this ;)

Discussion in 'DIY Zone' started by calebs92, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. calebs92

    calebs92 Active Member

    Sep 16, 2010
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    springfield lakes ,ipswich ,qld ,australia
    All guys i was going to just buy new enclosures for my snake my, I've been thinking about building one :D ;)
    Since i did some work experience with and cabinet maker he say he'll cut all the wood for me, machine cut so will be perfect !
    My plans are :
    full black melamine
    1 x 4 ft long by 2 ft wide by 4 ft high for my bredli
    1 x 4 ft long by 2 ft wide by 2 ft high for my spotted
    Havnt decided on if i want it to be a bank enclosure or separate ?
    Enclosure - done

    Im going to buy pre wired light sockets plus cages for them and have them on thermostats and timers - should i have uv lights ?
    Lights - kinda done ?

    i want swinging glass doors ? how can i achieve this ?
    doors - not complete haha

    I going do to a small fish tank in for the bredli and he loves to swim , so it will have gravel and a filter to keep clean. big vents to keep humidity down. smaller tank will just have little water bowl and normal amount of vents.
    water/vents - done ?

    I'm going to be have mulch for the floors, stuff from bunnings, c--- peat?
    substrate - done

    then decorate ,and make it pretty. plant/hide and branches
    habitat - done

    advice ?

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    And how much am i looking at spending on the wood vents glass an lighting ?

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    I want to do this right and get opinions from others, but know one want to help ?
  2. J-A-X

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    Jan 6, 2009
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    Adelaide Hills
    i'd do seperate, but totally a personal preferance. tell him you want to put doors on it, he can advise the best way to go about it.
    totally a personal preferance

    You did some work experience with a cabinet maker he can sut the doors to a size that will suit, then you just need to install the glass. If you want full glass doors, call around and get quotes for the glass and door hardware.

    figure out where you want the vents, the cabinet maker can cut them on the CNC machine. just make sure you seal inside the cuts. Get quotes from glaziers and look at the sponsors here for lighting options

    Its a weekend, and a long one at that, be patient.
  3. ronhalling

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Port Macquarie NSW
    Jax has just about given you all the advice you need and damn good advice at that, no wonder she is the DIY mod, if you want swinging glass doors go to Bunnings and get a set of glass door fixtures, they are not real exxy but they are the same ones that manufacturers use on entertainment units they also come with the spring clip that pop the door/doors out when you press them in, then it will be up to you what type of locking system you are going to use coz snaky will def work out that with a little extra pressure it will be able to pop the doors out in no time at all, the door fixtures are very easy to install all you need is a small phillips head screw driver and chisel, it is just a matter of setting the pivots onto the doors about 5mm in from the top and bottom and screw the little screws in untill they are nice and tight (you can't break the glass as the screws only go in a certain distance) then mark on the top and bottom the width and depth of the pivot plates and chisel out the required timber then screw the top plate in place, next insert the top pivot pin into the top plate and attach the bottom plate to the door and getly close the door and make sure the marking out for the bottom pivot plate is correct, next open door remove plate and chisel out for bottom plate then attach plate to bottom of door again and holding door open first insert the right hand screw and then making sure the left side is still aligned insert the left screw, if you are going to put an architrave on the inside to stop the door going in further than it should then the next step is not necessary, but if you are not then the next step would be to install the spring clip, to do that if your glass is flush to the front of the enclosure and is standard 5mm float glass then just open the door and about 1/2 way down measure in 5mm and then push the spring clip in till it locks in place and install with the rubber buffer on the spring clip at the 5mm mark then you are set. Sorry this was a bit long winded but if you are having a swinging glass door you have to do everything perfectly or you are in for big trouble first time you open or close it, with the spring clip you only need to push it gently and the spring will open the door for you....................................................................Ron
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