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Discussion in 'Australian Lizards and Monitors' started by Katy Checkley, May 8, 2020.

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    Apr 14, 2019
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    Hey guys,
    I am currently setting up a large outdoor enclosure for my 2 year old EWD (Cameron), to move into when the warm weather returns.

    I have scoured this forum for exactly how to set up his pond and filter, and I might have missed some vital info, so if anyone could clarify or share what they use - that would be greatly appreciated.
    Also Im still pretty new here, so apologies if I have missed an epic post on this - and please link if you know of one :)

    I have an Aquapro 1600 pond with a volume of 350-400 litres, and Im looking for a good filter, but Im wondering if I will also need to siphon the water out weekly for the 'Dragon Bombs', or if the filter will take care of that?
    I had it in my head I would need to set up a bulk head and drain, for that, and the filter would clean the water in between drains?
    I have read in some places a filter is all you need.....
    I just want to get it all right for him.

    Thank you for reading this - and replying if you do :)

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    Load up pond with pond insects, tadpoles and fresh water prawns and yabbies , I think they'll eat the dragon bombs if the dragon doesn't eat these little animals first .

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