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Experienced Olive Keepers

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So I recently reacquired my olive python that I got when I was 9, so he will be 10 this year and eclipsing 9ft (very rough guess, he is probably a bit bigger). I'm planning a new enclosure for him since his current one is about 6 years old. In peoples experience what sort of heating do your olives prefer? Globes/panels only, a panel halfway down for belly heat/basking heat or just a mat/cord. This enclosure is going to be a mansion because he was my first reptile so he is very special to me. Thanks. :)
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Best to route a heat cord into the base of your enclosure and silicon it down, then silicon a tile over this [ glazed is easier to clean ].
If the enclosure is going to be tall I'd put a heat globe at the top too, but this means you will need two thermostats to run both. Probe of thermo also routed in under tile and other probe up near light heat source, cool spot would be the floor that is not heated.
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