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Feeding snakes meat like chicken


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I’m considering getting a snake for a addition to the family and was wondering if feeding it raw meat like bits of chicken or lamb would be ok? If they need bones I could give them bone parts or if they need calcium I could dust the meat with calcium, I’m just looking a ways to save money and we go through a lot of meat


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I don't think it would cause many problems . I once bought a "problem" Blackhead yearling who according to the previous owner would not eat anything but chicken necks. True, this snake never ate anything but chicken necks and then drumsticks despite throwing every trick in the book at her, even stitching chicken skin to the washed mice and rats, she spat them out. After a while, I stopped trying and kept feeding her drumsticks. She grew up to a beautiful shiny and healthy snake who produced healthy clutches every year.
These days I keep some big Scrub Pythons that I feed whole chooks from Coles or Woolworths. Same story, no health problems whatsoever and healthy hatchlings every year.