First-time owner. Accurate temperature readings?

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    Hi all,

    As of yesterday, I am caring for a 4-mo. old Woma python. She's lovely. I have a small Exo-Terra breeder box set up with a heat mat, two hides, and a MicroClimate B1 thermostat for her. I don't want to keep bothering her for temperature readings but the sensor on the thermostat is in the air right now, and I'm a little afraid of her overheating (or, conversely, not being warm enough as it seemed to take ages to get the warm side of the enclosure anywhere near/above 30C).

    I have an infrared thermometer that reads the substrate under the hide as 27C, and used a basic cooking thermometer under a little bit of substrate under the hide that, as of this morning, read 34C -- obviously I turned the thermostat down once I saw that! But I'm not sure exactly how to ensure that she's safe without continually disturbing her for readings, and I want to do that as little as possible for this first week as she settles in.
    My plan is to feed her next Sunday, and then wait 48-72 hours and begin short handling sessions. I acquired her from a good breeder so I know her background and she's accustomed to people, but quite stressed and cage defensive at the moment when I change water/check temperature.

    Oh: I live close to Sydney at the moment so it's chilly and the house is not insulated at all.

    Any advice you might have is welcome.

    Here are a couple pics:


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    You want to keep the probe under the hide above the mat if possible or under the substrate above the mate,

    no point keeping it suspended :) 34 is fine for a woma python

    for my Darwin, I kept the probe tucked in her hide which was above mat (with a paper towel as the substrate) and was getting 100% accurate reading

    EDIT: i really love the tub in cardboard box idea :)
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