Gecko Breeding Dilemma - Incubtor Recommendation

Discussion in 'Australian Lizards and Monitors' started by sebii, Jul 2, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    I'm excited by this small victory, so don't laugh at my pride too hard!

    So I bought a breeding trio of Coastal Ring-tailed Geckos (Cyrtodactylus tuberculatus) from a local guy in about February of this year for relatively cheap. When I got them, he told me he had never kept them under UV and he rarely supplemented them. I immediately put them under relatively high strength UV, as these lay hard shell eggs and need it, and started supplementing them with Calcium every other feed. In March, and then again in April, the two female each produced collapsed eggs, a sure sign of calcium/UV problems in this species from what I've read. I didn't see any of the other signs of MBD, so I hopefully upped the supplementation to every feed for a couple of weeks and then three out of every four feeds. I also started sweep netting for wild insects to try to balance their nutrition a little.

    In May, I was pleased to find that both females produced two great looking eggs each. I was surprised they bred at this time of the year, but happy all the same. I built a makeshift incubator and placed the eggs in with the usual vermiculite/water mix. Now, almost as soon as they could breed again, the little ladies have produced four more eggs — in the middle of damn winter. I've got the eggs in the makeshift incubator, but I'm quickly developing a space problem.

    As the clutches seem to be laid by both females within a day of each other, I'm keeping them together. However, considering how frequently they lay, and that they seem undeterred by being unheated and in winter, I'm a bit worried about space. Does anyone have a recommendation for an incubator? My home made one is going to be no good soon enough, both because of the space and because it can't cool in our tropical summers. I am looking at the Exo Terra model, the Zoo Med model, and one of the common ones on eBay that look like the Exo Terra one.

    Any suggestions? I'd rather not pay a truck load of money, but I'm particularly limited by a budget.


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    Nobody has bought an incubator?

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    I also realised I mistyped this message. I'm NOT particularly limited by a budget.
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