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    I am moving on some animals to make way to acquire more adult green tree pythons.

    1 x male green tree python. 5-6 years old. No health issues. One side of his lip sits lower than the other but this is only visible when he’s not at resting position. Doesn’t affect his health he’s eating and shedding fine. Has been locking up with my female. $1500 (selling due to too many males) available from October 10th

    1 x pair caramel jag het albino male & darwin albino female. The male is a big 2m 4kg+ snake, placid as a puppy dog. Never bitten never an issue, no neuro at all. He is an amazing snake and has been locking up with the female I paired him with this year. The female is 4-5 years old. She’s over 3kg+ in weight and has a reduced/light pattern. Also very placid and tame. Not sure if she’s gravid this season but waiting to find out. Will sell either once she lays or when I know if she’s gravid or not. $1200 for the pair. Photos of lock ups can be provided on request. This pairing when successful will produce sunglow carpet pythons.

    1 x pair sunglow jag albino male & darwin female albino. The male is over 1kg. Doesn’t show signs of neuro. 2 years old. Has never bitten and no health issues. Female is 3-4 years old she’s over 2kg+ in weight. Very bright yellow colouring. She is a text book albino carpet python and is a beautiful girl. Will be an amazing breeder next season once primed for it. $1200 for the pair

    Jungle - SOLD

    All snakes are for sale. Will only consider swapping for adult female green tree pythons. NSW preferred. Pickup South West Sydney

    Please no time wasters or stupid offers. You must have the correct license for the gtp.

    Message me for more information. Will try to upload pics ASAP
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