Group calls on drivers to be turtle aware

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    Pierra Willix - Busselton Dunsborough Times
    Thursday, 14 June 2018

    Caring for Reptiles South West president Jessica Berry wants seasonal signage installed around areas where turtles may be crossing roads.Picture: Pierra Willix

    A wildlife group is calling on drivers to slow down and keep watch for turtles, after recent storms forced many of them out of wetlands and onto roads, with several run over and killed during last week’s wild weather.

    Caring for Reptiles South West president Jessica Berry said the group received many calls last week with reports of south-western snake-necked turtles run over and crushed on roads across Busselton.

    “When there is high rainfall the wetlands where the turtles live become fast-flowing and they try to escape,” Ms Berry said.

    “But in order to do so they usually have to cross over roads.

    “Due to the colour of their shell and the fact there is water on it, it makes them really hard to see.”

    Roads where turtles are likely to be crossing in Busselton include Layman Road, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Causeway Road and West Street.

    Ms Berry is now calling for seasonal signage to be placed around the region to remind drivers when turtles are around.

    City of Busselton planning and development services director Paul Needham said the City was aware of the issue and would continue to work with the community, but added it was not clear if signage would have a significant impact on driver behaviour, either during periods of high water levels or more generally.
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