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    My female Diamond Python will be 10 months old on 15th November. She sheds regularly every 6 weeks, and she has just shed overnight. I measured her skin and it was 112cm long, also weighed her and she’s 180g.

    6 weeks ago her shed skin was 95cm and she weighed 99g.

    Both skins were measured while still slightly moist, so probably didn’t shrink due to drying out.

    At the last shed she was being fed one adult mouse (25g), but last time I fed her (26-27 Oct), I gave her 2 because after the first one she was still stalking/striking out at any movement. I skipped a feed last weekend because I noticed she has gone milky-eyed.

    To me it seems like a big growth spurt. Is it normal for juveniles to have a growth spurt in the spring, or am I going to have a giant?

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