Hatchling Marbled Children's Pythons


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I was doing some feeding yesterday and noticed some quite vividly coloured young marbles so I snapped some pictures while I was at it. They're just phone pictures without taking them out of their tubs so nothing impressive in terms of photography but some of them have spectacular colours and I thought I'd share a few. A few of these might end up being keepers actually.

Some of these had their first feeds yesterday just after I took these pictures, these aren't ready to go, but I will have hatchlings available next month, there are some older ones which have had a few more feeds already. There's a bit of a waiting list but get in touch if you're keen on some really nice marbles.Marble likes ice cream.jpg Marble is always exciting.jpg Marbled Hatchling ate the pudding.jpg Marbled flew into the base.jpg Marble helped me with housework.jpg Marble came out of the egg.jpg Young hatchling.jpg Marble went to the gym.jpg


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Wow they are gorgeous [emoji4] can't wait to pick mine out!

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