have a wild guess

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ok im about to give up on this,
i have 6 issues of tales and scales and 12 issues of reptiles Australia pack away SOMEWHERE in a box in my shed (we moved house recently) ive been looking every chance that i get and cant for the life of me find them! im SURE the box was marked as "books" but ive opened all the boxes marked as "books" and still nothing.

so humor me a little have a wild guess as to what the hell ive done with them, cause i cant for the life of me figure this one out.

so far the only explanations i can come up with are
1. kibbler elves took them
2. the Vatican are some how responsible

lets see what you can come up with, think i need a laugh right about now


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you were supposed to send some books to the president of the U.K but you got them mixed up with your reptile magazines and then a flying banana flew over the moon while they were getting sent and then a red cow ate the banana. Then your magazines arrived to president and he was like all, ' what the **** '. but suddenly he liked reptiles so he bought some pencils and drew a picture of a car, so he kept the magazines. Then he went out and bought a pigeon and named it ' pigeon ' then he fed it to his picture of a car ( which did not end well ). then he called you to see where his real books were but he dialed the wrong number and called some librarian in india, she had no idea what he was talking bout so she sent the president a book about pants. Then someone got ran over by a car back here in australia. when the president got his pants books he was ecstatic so he went and bought a coffee. Then he ate a table for no reason, so he decided to send your magazines back. but at that moment he wanted to go to the pool. after the pool he bought an ice cream, then he flew over to antarctica to take some pictures of a polar bear. then he lost his pants, so he got his pants book the librarian sent him and decided to make his own pants out of the book which turned into pants. then he flew to australia to come and find you but he went skydiving first, then he gave the magazines back to your next door neighbour by mistake, which means your next door neighbour has them !!!!

( is that random enough )


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A family of rats that lived in your shed ate them!!! For once they got the reptiles back :D


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Ok obviously you haven't seen RATATOUILLE!!! They can control people!!!!And If I were you - I wouldn't go back to that shed!!!!


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the UK has a president? ;)

i have em....:rolleyes: took em while you wre reading them and replaced them with some colourful teatowels


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they r now scientologists and you will never see them again other then the occasional couch jump on oprah

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I think you'll find they've been cunningly pilfered by extra-terrestrials. They've been reading that albino edition with amazement, & are currently plotting how to hybridise a homo sapiens with an albino morelia spilota variegata. No doubt the process will involve a probe of some description. Of course, they'll keep thier experiment secret from other extra-terrestrials on the intergalactic internet forums to avoid being flamed by aliens who want to keep other worldly species pure.


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You'll find them next to my grapefruit bowls which went missing when I moved too.

What I find incredibly funny is that no matter how long I've looked for them the further into the deep abyss that is space they fall....

Incidentally - grapefruit bowls also came with grapefruit knives.... which went missing in my previous move.

Next... the grapefruit are all going to vanish... It's not a slow thing either - you'll wake up one day and they'll all be gone!


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Gremlins- they must have been residing in your boxes and then bam! One day they got wet and crazy!

Needless to say they didn't like the look of the critters in your magazines and ate them
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