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Hey again!

I am getting a children's python and would just like to know what everyone uses for heating. I know I want to use a heat mat but I am unsure how many watts and also if I need to get one with a thermostat attached, separate or to get a completely different thing to check temperatures. Any help would be great.

Thank you!


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If you are making a larger enclosure I would say look into using a heat tile over a heat mat, if its smaller a heat mat would do. Thermostats dont come on the mats themselves and need to be bought seperately.

But make sure you do use a thermostat, no matter what your heat source is you want to be able to regulate it.

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I'd use a heat cord instead of a heat mat. Have the cord plugged into a timer so it's on for the hours each day that you desire and off for the rest of the time. A heat cord will be Lower wattage, more reliable and safer than a heat mat.


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You generally only need enough heat for the snake. You can heat a Children's python with a 15 watt heat cord in pretty much any enclosure and it will usually be enough to heat multiple enclosures. When it gets hot you need to turn off the heating even if you do have a thermostat. If you use a thermostat allow for the fact it may fail and use heating that will not cause a fire or cook your snake.
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