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Heating Question

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Aztecs has just arrived after 4 years in Far North Queensland by plane and into his custom built enclosure which is is 2m high x 1m wide and 590cms deep.
I put a ceramic 150 watt under a dome just right of centre he has his top perching branch approx 35cms beneath the lamp.
I put a thermometer in his hide at the base of his enclosure and it's at 25 degrees Celsius, he felt so cold!
I'm contemplating running a heat chord under his hide (2cm thick terracotta) to warm it up abit for him. What temperature would be ideal for him?
Aztec is a male Jungle, 11years old and 3meters long


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If the hide is sitting on the floor of the enclosure, 25 degrees is fine as a "cool" end. If you have some branches/poles in between the top one and his hide, he will be able to go wherever he feels comfortable.
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