Heating tall vivariums

Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by tony1, Jun 14, 2019.

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    have a vivarium that is 1600mm x 1400mm x 750 and wondering what is the best way of heating to keep a Albino Darwin happy and well any advice more than welcome
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    I’m no expert by any means but I’m about to start setting up something similar for my baby Darwin. (He won’t be ready to go into it for awhile though)
    I’m planning on doing a few heat tiles - one down low with hide underneath and one as a shelf. I’m not sure if that will be enough heat though so hopefully someone else will give us their two cents :)
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    Hey guys sorry i havent seen this thread earlier. Do you both own Albinos?

    If so, First thing first.
    Tend to veer away from UV lighting/heating. As being Albino, Sunlight equals no good. Haha. My guys enclosure gets some morning sun. But not usually the side he occupies until night when he likes to explore and become active.

    My Albino I got when he was still a caramel colour and about 1foot long (hatched mid Jan 2018, brought sept 2018)
    Now happy 3 foot and some amazing colours on him.
    Most will say big enclosures arent the greatest for small snakes. I Believe I got told its too daunting and stressful. Personally what I did was just give my dude a safe space essentially. Nice hollowed rock to hide under and some fake foliage. 3 foot now and loving all the room and has a couple of favourite places to relax

    My enclosure is the top half of a display cabinet, I can add photos after.
    My thermos gauge/thermometer is set in the centre of the enclosure top to bottom left and right.

    A "hot" side and "cool" side is needed. Usual rule of thumb is cool side has the water source.

    I placed a small heated rock in the back corner of the hot side. Rarely plug it in to be honest.
    However I am running a black ceremic heat globe on the hot side at top. With a nice treated branch that nears it. Possibly between 6-9 inches away from the cage around the heat lamp. From memory its 100W. Thats plugged into my thermo so it can trigger it on and off.

    Thermostat keeps it within a nice temperature range. Being out on back patio ive also helped it this winter by covering the glass panels during the night with insulated styrofoam from bunnings I sliced into size to just sit there.

    Not sure if ive missed anything or over looked as I do believe this is my first significantly sized reply. If so, feel free to tag or reply and ask. I can only offer the advice I have found and gained. Hope you enjoy your darwins and seeing their colours progress is great to watch[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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