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Hi everyone,
My female stimmy laid with her stomach up and started to get larger. She had a shed on friday and i am assuming that that was her prelay shed. I was away for 3 days so i kept the temps at 32-34 degree c hot end and when i got back the female was very active and looking for food, is this normal?! i was also reading and apparently gravid snakes are quite tense and hard when you pick them up which she was before she tried to bite my face, is this true?
am i doing something wrong?
is this normal for her if she is gravid?
should i put the boy back in?

pls need advice and help

also i haven’t caught her on her back for a while but was on her side befor she shed


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Probably not looking for food, more likely looking for a lay box/material to build a nest.
There are a couple of reasons snakes lay belly up the more common ones being gravid or folicle development. I dont have Stimmies but generally speaking we are right at the back end of breeding seasons now with the exception of one or two species so you could put the male back in though I doubt that is likely to have any positive outcome.

From the sound of it your snake is gravid but on a side note you suggest in your post that you have been reading so did you do this research before you decided to start breeding? A simple internet search or a decent book would answer all of your questions.
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