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HELP herping locations near st ives NSW please


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idk any yet
I work in st ives and love reptiles id be happy to go with you i heard lane cove national park is really good for water dragons and red bellies laceys and adders

Im yet to find a good spot i had a few people on here reccomend murra murra national park and had pics of the adders there but 6kms into the bush and bush bashing only found a couple of laceys

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ooh ill check out lane cove but i dont think my mum would let me go herping with anyone unless i knew them :mad:
[doublepost=1589611144,1589611112][/doublepost]-ill check murra


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you wont find much at this time of the year mate everythings gone to cool off for the winter months

best bet is sometime september~ when everything comes out looking for a partner or in the middle of summer when everything will be out basking