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    G'day guys,

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that we will be at the VHS Expo this Saturday! We'll have an absolute ton of stock, including over 100 titles that aren't even listed on our website yet. A lot of people are surprised about the variety of books that we stock...come and check our stall out and be sure to ask if you're after a title on a specific subject. We have EFTPOS, and don't forget that we buy books too! Have some titles on your shelf that you no longer use, or that you think may be worth money? Bring them down and we'll pay you cash for them, guaranteed! This includes old journals, magazines, paraphernalia...just about anything with herp history.

    We'll also have a few antiquarian items available, such as -

    The Snakes of Australia, Gerard Krefft, 1869.

    We have two copies of this highly sought after Australian title, including a very nice copy of the rare coloured version. Published in 1869, and limited to a print run of just 700 in total, this title is often regarded as the cornerstone of any serious Australian herpetological library. Krefft is the first detailed guide to Australian snakes ever published.

    Plate 8 Krefft_big.jpg
    A colour plate of a Red-bellied Black Snake from The Snakes of Australia.

    Coloured edition is available for $6,500. Uncoloured is available fore $1,800.

    A Popular Account of Australian Snakes, Edgar R. Waite, 1898.
    This title is often regarded as the first herp field guide due to its layout. A small, pocket sized title, it is the second comprehensive account of Australian snake species. We only have a single copy in stock and it's very reasonably priced...be sure to come along and check it out.

    A colour plate from A Popular Account of Australian Snakes.

    Only one copy available at $1200.

    The Snakes of Australia, J. R. Kinghorn, 1929.

    We have three copies of this rarely available title. A unique book, it is oblong in shape and one of the smallest herpetological titles available. This was the third comprehensive guide to Australian snakes and was revised in 1956.


    A coloured plate depicting a Death Adder.

    We have two copies of Kinghorn in stock at $350.
    Of course, we also have all of our new titles in stock, such as -

    Australian Lizards: A Natural History by Steve Wilson.

    The long awaited title from Steve Wilson is finally here. In a near identical format to Australian Snakes: A Natural History by Rick Shine, this brilliant book features an amazing array of Steve's quality photography, supported by page after page of easy to read information. This is a must have title for anyone wanting to know what lizards are, what they do, why they do it and how they do it. $40.00


    Monitor Lizards: Natural History, Captive Care and Breeding

    If there's one thing Germans know how to do, it's breed goannas. They have had far more success with Australian species than just about anyone else, anywhere else. This title is the culmination of years of data collection and thousands upon thousands of clutches of eggs. This is a must have title for anyone interested in keeping monitor lizards. $65.00

    ABK A Guide To...Series.

    We'll have the newly published ABK titles in stock. Check out our promotional posted on the day for prices and deals!


    Herp Nation Magazine

    Herp Books is the exclusive Australian distributor of Herp Nation magazine and we'll have the latest issue (Issue 11) available on the day for just $10! We'll also have issues 9 and 10 available, as well as yearly subscriptions!

    Herp-Nation-Magazine-Issue-9-510x646.jpg indddex.jpg idmageds.jpg

    Plus much, much more!

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