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    May 25, 2004
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    My name is Daavid and I am a herpaholic.

    I have embarked on a 12 step program to help me with my affliction.

    1. I buy every herp book I can afford and read them repeatedly
    2. I joined a number of herp societies, and attend all the meetings
    3. I grope the Internet daily looking for herp related information.
    4. I have herps in most rooms of the house
    5. I breed Speckled Feeder Roaches and rodents to feed my herps
    6. I hate cats
    7. I maintain The Herp Shop? web site.
    8. I have designed and used to maintain my Herp Societies web site
    9. I design and build all my own herp enclosures
    10. I field herp when ever I get the chance
    11. I married the number 1 Herp Trader (aka trader ? Judy) and it is a marriage made in heaven!***
    12. I am a wrinkly snake on APS ;-)

    *** for the record:
    Judy is Herp Trader #1 (&lt;- She does all the trading and other hard work)
    I am Herp Trader #2
    Brian (aka Herp Shop proprietor) is Herp Trader #3
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