Herping at brissy forest park

Discussion in 'Australian Snakes' started by ssnakeboyy, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,

    my friend and i went to brisbane forest park birding and herping last weekend and were very happy with what we found. First as we were walking along one of the bush walks my friend nealy stood on a red belly, but he isnt scared of snakes so all he wanted to do was take photos of it :) next up we saw a sleepy koala sitting in a tree at eye level. And last but not least when we got back to my friends house his dad wanted us to get a 6ft coastal out of his shed. So trying to look all professional i grabed my trusty snake hook and headed for the shed (We found him in a box with pool equiptment) so any way, i grabbed his tail so he wouldnt get away and my dad lifeted his head out. When i got him onto the grass at that point i was free handling because i dropped my hook, the bugger bit me through my jumper and long sleeve shirt! Only 2 teeth went through though.. Any i wont bore you any more here are the pics :)
    edit: we relocated the coastal that night and it was only in the box for 30mins

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