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So just going to say hi. My names Ian Hahaha. I own 2 female stimsons pythons both just unser 2 years old and about 60-70cm however ine is recivering from a cat injury so everyone has to cross their fingers. Im also looking at buying a wild caught pilbara stimmy male with beautiful red patterning to breed with them eventually. Any tips on wild caught stimmys? I might search through the forum for handling guides hahaha. Anyway i look forward to meeting wveryone.


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I need help!!!!

HEY GUYS, VERY NEW TO THE SITE, I WAS WONDERING IF I COULD GET SOME ADVICE ON 2 SPOTTED PYTHONS I HAVE AS IM A NEW SNAKE HANDLER, AND WANT THE BEST FOR MY SLITHERY LITTLE GUYS!!!! OK SO, I HAVE 2 PYTHONS, BOTH exactly the same age. 1 python my friend has kept, and has been in a basic tank wwith heat mat. mine has been in a more suitable environment with heat lamps humidity etc.

im a little concerned as i have recently gotten both back in my possession, my snake seems to be just under 1m in length, and about the thickness of a 20c coin. the other snake seems to only be around 600cm long, and about the width of a 5c piece. as they are both the same age, im a bit concerned 1 is either overfed, or underfed depending. ive had a look at several photos and i am worried that my snake is too long for its age, they are currently bang on 18mth old. can add pictures if needed, and help or advise would be much appreciated thanks heaps!!!!
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