Hobbies other than snakes??


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What other hobbies do you do other than snakes?
Me personally im a hunter and competition shooter. I ride harleys and BMX with my mates and Mrs. And in the winter months after the rains come in its nature photography.

Feel free to post pics and/or tell everyone about your other hobbies :)

Josiah Rossic

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Occassionally I go frog herping just for fun. I mean, it's not that hard when you have several dams in your paddock.
Here are some of my fravorites.

Orange-eyed treefrog
Orange-eyed treefrog.JPG

orange-eyed treefrog 2.JPG


Not 100% sure about this guy. Think he's a naked treefrog.
naked treefrog.JPG


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I do a fair bit of wildlife photography when i go to the koziosko National park to go fishing lol and Im also a musician that plays in orchestras (Sax) or on my own as im a guitarist as well
54 Blackguard.jpg

Couple of stock images of my insturments My blackguard 54 was actually used as the stock image lol. Im stuck at home and my No1 Bari is in storage
i mostly play vintage guitars live but my No1 has been this 1954 Fender pre CBS blackguard telecaster for a hell of a long time

Josiah Rossic

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Archery. Although im taking a break from it for a bit as im not feeling the lurve for the sport anymore.

My other hobby is my cars, have just sent my 75 fairlane to the restorer for paint & rust repair.
Nice, I love Archery. But Tennis is my true sport. Here's a pic of me in the middle of a match.

OK so maybe I'm not quite there yet...