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    Hey guys, I just have a few questions regarding hopping mice!
    1. What are the differences between spinifex and Mitchell?

    2. Is a inferred or blue moonlight preferred?

    3. If I were to already own a couple and introduce a few more from a different place would they be okay? Or would they fight?

    4. Are there any toys ect that they really enjoy

    5. Any foods and bedding you recommend for them?

    6. Any breeders or anyone selling in victoria

    7. Any other handy tips and tricks to keep them happy

    Thanks guys :)

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    Watching this thread.
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    1. Spinifex and Mitchell's are similar in care: the Mitchell's is larger, being the biggest of the genus. I recall that only spinifex are legal to keep in NSW, but Victoria has different legislation on this.

    2. Both infrared and blue moonlight is acceptable, just depends on personal preference.

    3. Introducing different colonies is possible, but I would keep them separately if possible. Doing it would require a high level of vigilance, and you would still need somewhere to put the mice if they do not get along. Introduce the mice in an area that is unfamiliar to all off them - that way they won't feel like they need to defend their territory. Allow several hours (a day is preferable) for them to get used to each other, then place them back into the cage. Watch carefully over the course of the week to see how well the new mouse is settling in, and discourage any signs of aggression.

    4. They like hollow logs to hide in - as for "toys", they don't really have many requirements. A mineral lick is reccommended, as well as wood blocks to chew since, being rodents, their teeth will grow continuously.

    5. They are omnivores, so you will need to feed them once a day with both live insects such as crickets and vegetables. Try to avoid cabbage, spinach and the like - go for tough vegetables that are high in fibre and low in water. They will require constant access to either a water dish or a dripper - I'd use the dripper since they can get rather messy with water. For bedding, red desert sand is great since it hardens with some water and prevents their tunnels from collapsing. You might want to plant some PVC tubes or pipes into the ground for a sort of "burrow" that won't collapse.

    6. Since I don't live in Victoria, I don't have any experience with the breeders there, but have a look on gumtree and maybe Amazing Amazon?

    7. Have lots of places for them to hide - as tempting as it is to have the out in the open so you can see them all the time, this stresses them and you should have clumps of spinifex or fake plants for them to hide behind always, away from your view. If you want to view them during daylight hours, look up a "reverse daylight cycle" on Google.
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    I've seen Mitchell's for 25 around here, no license needed either, same with spinifex i think
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    ( i live in Ballarat, vic)

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