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Housing different size/age green tree frogs together

Ella C

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I have 3 GTF's. 2 are about 3 years old, approx 8cm big and currently living in a 45x45x60h cm. The other is about 12 years old (approximately. I've had her for 10 years and she was fully grown when I got her,) and in a 90x45x60cm, she's probably a bit over 9cm, but significantly heavier. Overall, 2 females and a male.
\I was wondering if housing them together would be a possibility, as it has always been my intent since I got the 2 smaller ones as juveniles.
Naturally, I'm concerned about cannibalism, and whilst I don't believe the larger one would be able to fit the smaller frogs in her mouth, I don't want to take any risks if I'm not certain. I've included a photo to show size difference, the left is bigger.
So, could I house them together, and if so, how should I best introduce them? They would be in the 90cm, obviously.


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Make sure to read the replies

Ella C

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Make sure to read the replies
Thank you! I saw about mouth size in that forum, I don't believe smaller could fit in the larger mouth, however, I wouldn't mind a second opinion to be sure.


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Given the relative size of the two individuals shown, personally I would be comfortable in housing them together.
Unfortunately, I have very little experience with introducing another individual to an existing collection of GTFs. The one occasion I did, so there was no dramas, which I attribute to how sociable they can be. However, it may be wise to see what others with more experience in this respect have to say first. These guys do not seem to be territorial at all. If they were, I’d swap the enclosures they are in for a couple of weeks and then put the largest one in with the other two, so it becomes the ‘newbie’. Obviously this is not necessary in this case. Just make sure you provide adequate perches for them to separate if they want to and some artificial or real foliage to provide a bit of privacy (that can be utilised if desired by the occupants).