Hunting rabbits in vic

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Does anyone know of any spots or properties that will allow the use of a .22 with sub sonics ?

I am licensed (gun) and will respect any rules set by the land owners
pm me if you can help me out


All the ones I come across are perfectly fine. If you could hunt Philip Island you'd be up to your neck in them (rabbits) :D I think they've bred out all the calici and Myxo issues with their own immunity quite frankly. Rarely have I ever come across a diseased one. Usually eyes and nose, liver etc check out fine. Plus I don't believe myxo is an issue for human beings anyway ;) - Granted the 308 does mince them up a bit :p


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I have never seen the aftermath of a 308 vs a rabbit but I have seen what they do to large game like pigs and skippy.
there would be nothing left. but being small I guess the bullet would not of started to mushroom in shape
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