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i live in cowra NSW and there is a gecko that i just keep running in to everywhere i go herping or hiking. It is brown with like darker brown dots on it, not a large gecko just average size and it lives in trees(under bark) and small also can climb
just woundering if anyone can ID it for me i have tryed it my self but there are so many to choice from.
will post a pic if i find one in the next day or so
cheers dylan....:D


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lesuers velvet?? guessing coz i dont know where cowra is, otherwise could be what geckoman has said


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How can you be so sure H.bitorquatus?
We only have a location and a sketchy description to go on.
As Geckoman says, without a photo we are just guessing.

It could be a Heteronotia binoei.
Dylan, check this out:-

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don't see bynoes on trees under bark to often.... also it is way to far south east for them at cowra.
Also only geckos recorded in cowra local government area is marbled gecko, eastern stone gecko and thick tail gecko.
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