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Incubator temp fluctuations ok?

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My gorgeous woma just laid her 11 strong clutch, incredibly proud of her.
I'm new to the experience and have a couple of questions.
I've placed the eggs in an incubator which I prepared well in advance. The temp was a consistent 31 until the eggs went in.
So, now I'm getting 33 and have been for a day now.
I've done well to get the temp down and more a more consistent 31 however I'm worried the temps were too high for too long.
would it harm the eggs to have had them around 33 for several hours?

Im really enjoying the challenge and experience. An emotional roller coaster!!! LOL

Thanks in advance.


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The eggs should be ok. However, you should try to get an as stable temp as possible. Incubating at 31 for a few weeks and then go to 30 or 32 for a few weeks will kill the embryos.


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The temperature "overshoot" can be caused by placing your thermostat probe inside the eggbox, which, because it is enclosed, takes longer to equilibrate with the temperature in the incubator itself - the air outside the eggbox continues to heat until the eggbox temp reaches the temp you desire for the eggs, but because it takes longer to heat the air in the eggbox, the outside temps can be a few degrees warmer than your desired temp and will continue to warm the eggbox past the temp you want, so it can take a day or more to settle down.

I always have thermometers with known accuracy inside and outside the eggbox, so that when the incubator itself reaches close to the desired temp, I turn the heat off and watch for the peak temp reached in the eggbox, then turn it on again to prevent this overshoot when the eggboxreaches the temp you want and the thermostat kicks in at the correct temp.

Sounds a bit complicated when I try to explain it, so I hope I make sense:)!

If the extra temp was only for a few hours it should be OK.



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Fill the incubator with water bottles so you have a thermal mass to stop fluctuations. I also use tiles as they hold a good thermal mass if you loose power for couple hours . Don't stress they have millions of years of evolution and a few degrees here or there does not hurt them they are not as delicate as we think.

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